On this page I am going to try to show everything related to the anatomy of beavers. How millions of years of evolution have endowed this animal with unique characteristics for the environment it occupies. It was not by chance that they survived the extinctions that occurred in the past, all of which was the result of their adaptation. Able to modify the ecosystems where it is established, it is perhaps, after Homo sapienes, one of the most intelligent animals that Nature has created.

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The fact of living in family groups where both adults take care of their young, has led to the success of their survival for millions of years.

Little could be deduced from the way of life of beavers through fossils, if we were not lucky enough to see beavers alive today. We would know that they had the ability to gnaw hard materials and perhaps the tail vertebrae would indicate that they were aquatic, but we could never guess that they were capable of making dikes to keep burrows submerged and safe from unwanted visitors. (Gloria Cuenca and Alvaro Morcillo).